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Mission Statement
We WILL NOT compromise on quality to reduce the price. Our bait is a true HNV bait. Our bait is designed to give the average angler a GENUINE edge. We have no ego, for us it’s all about PASSIONand QUALITY, we would NOT sell YOU bait that we wouldn’t use ourselves.
The Bait Shed was founded in 1997 by co-owner Dave Rudd, after struggling to source quality bait ingredients for his own personal fishing in local tackle shops. Dave managed to source quality local ingredients from both UK and European destinations, soon word spread across local lakes within the North East and with a large amount of surplus ingredients left over from his own fishing, Dave decided to supply both local anglers and worldwide via the internet and has sold bait as far afield as Moscow and Texas.
Soon after the full range was expanded to includes a vast array of quality carp products from dips to stick mixes and again were sold both within the UK and worldwide markets.
Approximately 6 years ago Head Field tester Mick Mcgonigal, after seeing the difference a quality product made to his catch rate, bought into the business as equal partner and brought with him nearly 20 years experience and an unrivalled enthusiasm for carp angling.
Approximately 5 years later the first of our boilie range was introduced using a tried and tested bait that had served Dave well over the past 20 years, the...
FFC [Find 'Em , Feed 'Em, Catch 'Em]
a quality true HNV fishmeal, this was followed by the
BPG [Black Pineapple Grenade]
and finally the
TNT [Toffee Nut Twist]
... the rest is history. Our baits are now responsible for several tough northern lake records without any form of pre baiting, the true sign of a world class bait.
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